Scratchcard top prize win in Notthingham

After banking £250,000 on a Scratchcard top prize win, Adam Kelsall from Nottingham and his fiancée have been dancing for pure joy.

Adam was on his way to work when he bought the Scratchcard after filling up with petrol. The split second decision proved to be a good one, he said, “I saw the diamonds and initially thought I’d won £250. I looked again and realised I’d won £250,000. I screamed out for joy in the kiosk and then ran and danced across the forecourt shouting, I’m rich”.

He then quickly called his fiancée to tell her the life-changing news. Jenna, a registered nurse made the nail biting call to Camelot to get confirmation of their win. After the claim was confirmed they both went completely nuts. The couple, who are currently planning their wedding for next year, are still making plans but are discussing cars, holidays and a down payment on a house.