Why do people love scratch cards so much?

Reading stories about someone from a poor background who becomes rich is very inspiring. You might not get poor, but like everyone else it would be great to have more money. Perhaps buying scratch cards will help you make your dream come true. What do people love scratch cards so much?

Monopoly on scratch cards

Only the Lotto is allowed to sell scratch cards. It has a monopoly on it for various reasons. Lotto donates about 75 percent of its total revenue to Dutch top sport. Sport organizations really need this money. Recently a judge has decided that Lotto can keep its monopoly for the next five years. It’s also allowed to introduce more scratch card lotteries on the market. It’s very popular in the Netherlands and the lottery earns a lot of money. A part of the revenue is donated to sports, so only good news!

Surprise and scratch
With the special Verras & Kras scratch card of the Dutch Lottery you can make yourself or someone else very happy. Verras en kras’ is the Dutch sentence for ‘Surprise and scratch’. A nice present for yourself, but also your mother or brother, for example. Scratch cards are easy to use, which explains their popularity. You have to scratch open a part of the ticket. If you have three or four identical numbers or symbols, you win a nice prize.

Price of scratch cards
Luckily scratch cards are inexpensive. A box with five tickets costs about 20 euros. This seem much, but according to the lottery you always win at least 5 euros. So the box actually costs 15 euros and, very important, it gives you the chance to win 500, 5000 or perhaps even 50.000 euros!
Always a win
Scratch cards are sold in the Primera shop. Recently the television program Radar called the Primera to ask about their gambling policy. An employee told that the main prize is currently 20.000 euros. She’s not sure about the winning chances though. You never lose all your money all at once, because with scratch cards you always win a minimum price of 5 euros.

Winning chances of scratch cards

Some people become just love to see the back of the Surprise and Scratch cards. It brings back good memories, because scratch cards have been popular for decades. It’s nice to win 5 euros, but of course you want more. Although the Primera employee had no idea, the Dutch Lottery says that the odds of winning the main prize of 20.000 euro is actually 1:50.000.
Everyone wants to know the winning chances of the scratch cards box. Some lottery providers, like Lotto, are required to put the winning odds on the back of the scratch cards. Lotteries need to be transparent and need to give all the information that benefits players. However, it’s not mandatory if the winning chances can already be viewed online.