33 year old player won $8,500 on a scratch card

A scratchcard winner who scooped £8,500 shares three strategies for winning
In 2018, the Orlando, Florida resident won $10,000 after scratching off lottery tickets for years. Earlier this year, he jumped into his swimming pool to celebrate.

The man who won $8,500 on a scratch card daily shares his three strategies for winning.

Since 2019, the 33-year-old decided not to disclose his name has made thousands of dollars from scratch off lottery tickets.

He uploads videos of himself scratching lottery tickets to his channel 21,900 times per week. He’re so addicted that he made his own channel on YouTube to share this content.

After spending two years putting money into his YouTube channel Scratch Life, the man from Orlando, Florida claims his channel is now self-sufficient. However, he got addicted to buying tickets after his ex-girlfriend hooked him on the habit.

Free tickets

He explained to The Sun that he gets free lottery tickets and advertising through YouTube by telling them, “This is how you can play the lottery on YouTube and get ads to pay for your tickets.”

The man who works as a swimming instructor for children says he only spends what he can afford to lose. Since 2018, he claims to have lost around $9,000. He won a $10,000 jackpot after finding a 500x symbol in a $20 prize amount.