64-year old woman wins one million with National Lottery Scratchcard

Marilyn Fairfull loves to play with scratch cards and calls them a ‘’little treat”. Participating in the National Lottery was just a hobby until she recently won 1 million pounds, which is 1,1 million euros! What are her plans, now that she is a millionaire?

The magical second scratch card

Just a while ago 64-year old Marilyn Fairfull visited an ESSO petrol station and bought a ticket for the National Lottery Scratchard. She had done the same for many times and hoped luck would be at her side. She cashed in a previous winner and bought a couple of scratch cards. With the first one she won 20 pounds. With the second card her dream came true. The two bank symbols on her scratchard matched. It made the married mother of four a millionaire immediately!
Of course Marilyn was in total shock. In a statement the press she says it was ‘amazing’ and ‘surreal’. She simply couldn’t believe it when she saw the amount of money on the card: 1 million pounds! Fairfull’s husband says that the big win will not change their lives that much. He describes his family as normal people who never expected such a win would happen to them.

Time for a redecoration and vacation
Marilyn has lots of plans with the money. She wants to use it for a new car and redecorate her home. Besides that, her entire family is planning a vacation trip for the first time in ten years. They also want to buy tickets for Wimbledon and, last not but least, a television to watch the football World Cup during the summer.