The only taxi driver millionaire in the country: man wins 1 million with scratch cards

Monopoly has been a popular board game for decades. Did you know that in Great Britain you can also play a scratchard version? Recently a very lucky taxi driver became a millionaire because of the Million Monopoly Scratchard game! It’s an amazing story, because the taxi driver didn’t even chose the winning card himself.

Best shop assistant ever
58 year old Alan Phillips should thank the shop assistant of the place where he bought his lucky ticket forever. The assistant of the local store choose the lucky card for Alan, which brought him 1 million pounds. The taxi driver paid only 10 pounds for his ticket, but can now start a new life. At Sunday Alan walked to the local store to buy some papers. He then decided to buy a scratchard, because you never know what life brings. Alan definitely experienced that. Apparently he already had the feeling that the card would bring him luck, because Alan decided to purchase two extra scratch cards. However, he didn’t know which one to choose. This is when the golden shop assistant comes in, because she eventually picked the two scratchcards for 5 pounds each.

Now a millionaire

Alan wasn’t aware of the luck that had befallen him until he returned to his taxi. He couldn’t believe his eyes. The friendly driver had become a millionaire! At first Alan wasn’t really sure, so he went back to the store to check the scratch cards. ‘You’re now a millionaire’ the cashier said to him. A moment the taxi driver will probably never forget.

A new life for the family
Alan is almost 60 and married for 40 years to Caroline. His wife actually didn’t believe him because he cracks jokes all the time. His wife Caroline only believed him when he showed the creditcard. The couple, already grandparents, is definitely planning to spoil their kids and grandkids. In the evening they took the entire family to their local restaurant for a fantastic meal. They want to change the lives of their family members forever. This is why Caroline and Alan will purchase a house for their children.

More time with the grandchildren
Alan is definitely planning to enjoy being a millionaire. First of all he wants to buy a caravan for Caroline and him in North Wales. He had never been able to afford the caravan, which was a big wish of his wife. Now he can give her everything she wants! The couple is planning to retire early and spend a lot of time with their grandchildren. They never thought this would be possible, but things have changed positively now.

Generous millionaire who still works

Alan is a very generous man. He says he will give some money to help the cashier, because without her he wouldn’t be a millionaire. The new millionaire calls it a dream come true. He also says that his big win proves that it can happen to anyone. And the most beautiful thing? Alan still returned to his job at Wrexham Prestige Taxis the next morning. He simply loves his job and doesn’t want to let people down. Besides that, Alan finds it very funny to know that he’s probably the only taxi driver millionaire in the entire country!